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Tiki the Senegal Parrot Tiki
Senegal Parrot
Florida, USA
August 01, 2001

Ripley the Dwarf Lop Rabbit Ripley
Dwarf Lop Rabbit
August 02, 2001

Zookie the Teddy Bear Hamster Zookie
Teddy Bear Hamster
Toney, Alabama, USA
August 03, 2001

Tucker the Russian Tortoise Tucker
Russian Tortoise
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
August 04, 2001

Nevada the Albino Cockatiel Nevada
Albino Cockatiel
Orange County, California, USA
August 05, 2001

Trixie the California Rabbit Trixie
California Rabbit
El Paso, Texas, USA
August 06, 2001

Dusty the Dwarf Hamster Dusty
Dwarf Hamster
Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
August 07, 2001

Thumper the Rabbit Thumper
August 08, 2001

Ismaiilia the Arabian Ismaiilia
Virginia, USA
August 09, 2001

Edgar the Himalayan Fancy Rat Edgar
Himalayan Fancy Rat
Pacific Northwest, USA
August 10, 2001

Azur the Parakeet, Budgie Azur
Parakeet, Budgie
Budapest, Hungary
August 11, 2001

Dali the Camelot Macaw Dali
Camelot Macaw
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
August 12, 2001

Pumpkin the Syrian Hamster Pumpkin
Syrian Hamster
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 13, 2001

Knarla the African Hedgehog Knarla
African Hedgehog
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
August 14, 2001

Pig my the Guinea Pig Pig my
Guinea Pig
Dallas, Texas, USA
August 15, 2001

Maggie the Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot Maggie
Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot
Texas, USA
August 16, 2001

Rocky the Savannah Monitor Rocky
Savannah Monitor
Coral Gables, Florida, USA
August 17, 2001

Mac the Cockatiel Mac
Florida, USA
August 18, 2001

Cinnamon Sugar the Guinea Pig Cinnamon Sugar
Guinea Pig
August 19, 2001

Edward the Amazon Parrot Edward
Amazon Parrot
Indiana, USA
August 20, 2001

Boo the Pinto Boo
Edwards, California, USA
August 21, 2001

Louie the Syrian Hamster Louie
Syrian Hamster
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
August 22, 2001

Sharlot the Budgerigar Sharlot
Prescott, Arizona, USA
August 23, 2001

Superfish the Goldfish Superfish
August 24, 2001

Taffy, Sundae the Guinea Pig Taffy, Sundae
Guinea Pig
Palatine, Illinois, USA
August 25, 2001

Biskit the Parakeet Biskit
Castro Valley, California, USA
August 26, 2001

Huxley the Fancy Rat Huxley
Fancy Rat
Pacific Northwest, USA
August 27, 2001

Jungles the Umbrella Cockatoo Jungles
Umbrella Cockatoo
Dayton, Ohio, USA
August 28, 2001

Wilma the Green Iguana Wilma
Green Iguana
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
August 29, 2001

Andre the French Lop Andre
French Lop
Batavia, New York, USA
August 31, 2001

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