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April 23, 2001

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Scooter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Scooter
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
   Scooter is my three pound 14 ounce "gentle giant." I rescued him from a petstore when he was almost one year old. He had been living in a twenty gallon aquarium during that time. When I brought him home he could not walk right, his muscles were not exercised and were not built up, so he layed down to eat. After about two months of TLC, he started gaining strength and walking, running and dancing like a ferret should! He is always accepting of any new ferret that I bring into our home. You can pick him up and he is always "willing" to be held and loved!! When he gets ready to sleep he will always give me one of his "special" kisses!! He has health problems, insulinoma and has had adrenal surgery. He has to take medicines everyday of his life, and he never fights me or minds, he is always very willing to please!! He uses his litterbox 100% of the time ( not normal for a free roam And will always come to me when I call! He loves to "help" me with the laundry, I fold, he unfolds... All in all he can bring sunshine to my life on the rainiest days!! He is truly one of God's Blessings!!!

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