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April 11, 2001

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Lamby Pie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lamby Pie
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sheep
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Meet my pet sheep named Lamby Pie. I have had him for about four years now. Lamby Pie was a surprise Easter gift from my husband. He was an orphan rescued from a local farm auction in which he would have been sold to be someone's dinner! He was brought home and lived in the garage for a brief time until he was old enough to live outside on his own. We fenced in our back yard for him to live in and my husband built him a small house for shelter. Of course he doesn't spend a lot of time in his house, he would rather lay in the mud beside it.

    I wouldn't call him your typical sheep. He loves to follow you around and play hide and seek. Watching him run is the funniest thing! He runs and hops like a bunny when he wants to play. He loves eating birdseed and licking sap off the trees in the yard. Lamby Pie acts more like a dog then a sheep. He gets sheared once a year. He looks so funny after he gets sheared, it's like a totally different animal. And after he is sheared you see how fat he really is! So that's my Lamby Pie, he may not be a lap pet, but he is loved all the same.

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