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April 9, 2001

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Rue and Willow, the Pets of the Day
Name: Rue, Willow
Age: Six years, Five months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK
   This is Rue, the proud father, and his little daughter Willow. I got Rue from a pet store breeder who didn't want him anymore, as his mate had died. I asked his name, and he was called 'male chinchilla'. He was very shy, and still is, and was amazed at being allowed out of his cage to play and run and jump and chew the wainscotting. I got him as a mate for my standard grey, Lilac. On November 7, 2000, Lilac gave birth to Willow - the first baby anything that I have ever had - we even got to watch the birth. Fantastic! They all live together in a happy little group now that Rue has been snipped. They are loads of fun to watch.

    Willow is the first baby pet I have ever raised and I got to watch her being born. Chinchillas are born fully furred, and eyes open, and trying to run around from day one. She looks like her father, Rue, another beige chin, but is much more like her mother Lilac a grey chin in character - always trying to be first to get the juicy raisin or other treat. She is quite tame as I have handled her from day one - and loves to crawl all over you when she is out for play time with her parents. She especially loves peeling the wallpaper off the walls, hiding in very small places, and running through cardboard tubes. She's a doll, and I love her very much!

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