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April 7, 2001

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Benjamin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Benjamin
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Rex
Home: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
   Benny Bunny (aka Benjamin Rabbit) was a country bunny that recently came to live with us in the big city. He's a three year old mini rex, has the sweetest disposition and loves to hippity-hop all over the house. As you can see, one of his favorite things to do is take a nap in any sunny spot. In the evening he loves to snuggle up and watch TV with us. We just can't imagine life without him!

    Benjamin is very special to us because he is absolutely the best pet we could ever hope for - he's extremely affectionate, is very social and loves to be with "his people". He follows us around the house from the minute we get up until we go to bed, until of course he finds a sunny spot for taking a nap! Every morning while I'm getting ready for work, he circles my feet round and round, doing figure eights, letting me know that he doesn't want me to go! His favorite game these days is when we play "Hide The Bunny" - he loves to have a blanket thrown on top of him, and he scrambles around underneath until he finds his way to the edge, pokes his head in and out to play peek-a-boo, and then hops on top of the blanket so we can pull him around the room. Then he wants to start all over again. His favorite treat is banana - every morning he hops into the kitchen, stands up on his hind feet and "dances" round and round for a piece of banana. At night when we're watching TV, he hops on top of me and goes to sleep while he gets the attention he loves most - being petted. He has the softest fur (the mini rex is also known as the "velveteen rabbit") and he just loves to doze off while he's being stroked. Benny brings us such joy and truly makes our house a home! We love him so much.

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