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April 5, 2001

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Malaysia, the Pet of the Day
Name: Xilonen
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Corn Snake (Elaphe Guttata)
Home: Malaysia
   Hi my name is Xilonen........Zi ..What? Xilonen is the given name to the female God of the corn for the Mexica culture in central Mexico. I am a cute little baby Corn Snake. My kind is the one called Albino or Red Bolded Rat Snake. As you can see my colors varies between red, orange, yellow and white. I have red rounded eyes. I am 100 cm long! Big girl! I arrived home when I was just a four months old. I was about 27 cm long and weight 20g. I got a nice house that Pili and Micke quickly and carefully set for me with green plants I can climb on, because I love to climb. I got natural bark, which is my favorite place to hide from Pili. I am native to the southeastern region of USA (I'm born Swedish). I have no fangs = no poison, but this does not means that I can't bite, because I do... I kill my pray by constriction. This means that my pray will die by suffocation. I eat mice, but if I were in the wild I would also eat lizards, birds and even some small eggs. Shedding (changing skin) will happen all my life but, since I am a juvenile snake I do it every three or four weeks and this will be until I have reach my adult size, then it will be less and less. Even if I am a small snake I count with more than 150 pair of ribs and pure muscles to protect my vital organs. I like to hide and play with Pili's hair!

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