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April 4, 2001

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Bessie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bessie
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Holstein
Home: Ozark, Missouri, USA
   Her name is Bessie and she loved Cookies! She is most special cow I have ever been around - she really thinks she is a dog. You have to be careful and not leave any dog food out, as she loves it. Bessie doesn't want to stay with the other cows and so she stays up at the house with us. I have had a vet of over 35 years experience tell me he has never seen a more gentle cow.

    During the summer she has "free range" and usually stays in or around the yard. The UPS man and the FEDEX man both know her by name. When we go to the grocery store we bring her back cookies, as she has quite a sweet tooth. My kids (six and ten) are good friend with her. Bessie has a new baby boy named Chocolate Chip that you see in the photo with her! She is truly a special cow. Bessie! I am a 42-year-old farmer and have had cattle all my life, and have never seen a cow like this.

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