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April 3, 2001

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Tommy and Sammie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tommy, Sammie
Age: Five weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hybrid Lovebirds
Home: The Netherlands
   Tommie is on the left and on the right is Sammy. They are almost five weeks old in this picture. Sammy and Tommie are very special to me. They were born out of a white-faced lovebird and a blue-masked one, so they are hybrids. I am fully aware of that. But their parents, Pucky and Sweetie, just fell in love, so what could I do? Pucky is my most tame lovebird and I was very happy for him, becoming a father. So I let it happen. The birds, born out of this breed, aren't fertile, but I know that. These babies are going to owners who would just love to have a tame lovebird, so it can't do any harm. You can find a complete diary at our website. I took pictures with my digital camera everyday. you'll see pictures from the egg till they are a grown-up birdie.

    They are very special to me, first because they are babies from my favorite lovebird, but also because they are quite a character. Tommie, for example, is very funny, curious and he bites. But I don't matter, I take him out of the cage anyway. Sammy is very shy. I could take him out of the cage everyday, but suddenly, he knew he could fly, so now he constantly flies away, when I try to catch him!! Soon they will be about seven weeks old and they are going to their new owners... gosh... I will miss them! That's for sure!! Lucky me, because they are going to friends of mine, so I will be updated about the babies, whenever I want!!

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