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Berry the Blue and Gold Macaw Berry
Blue and Gold Macaw
Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA
April 01, 2001

Prism the Maoransetra Panther Chameleon Prism
Maoransetra Panther Chameleon
Fremont, California, USA
April 02, 2001

Tommy, Sammie the Hybrid Lovebirds Tommy, Sammie
Hybrid Lovebirds
The Netherlands
April 03, 2001

Bessie the Holstein Bessie
Ozark, Missouri, USA
April 04, 2001

Xilonen the Corn Snake Xilonen
Corn Snake
April 05, 2001

Solitaire the African Pygmy Hedgehog Solitaire
African Pygmy Hedgehog
California, USA
April 06, 2001

Benjamin the Mini Rex Benjamin
Mini Rex
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
April 07, 2001

Peepers the Cockatiel Peepers
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
April 08, 2001

Rue, Willow the Chinchilla Rue, Willow
Haywards Heath, Sussex, UK
April 09, 2001

Twyla the Veiled Chameleon Twyla
Veiled Chameleon
Ottawa, Illinois, USA
April 10, 2001

Lamby Pie the Sheep Lamby Pie
Pennsylvania, USA
April 11, 2001

Mandy the Catalina Macaw Mandy
Catalina Macaw
Kansas, USA
April 12, 2001

SnapDragon the Bearded Dragon SnapDragon
Bearded Dragon
Mantua, New Jersey, USA
April 13, 2001

Dopey the Mini Lop Rabbit Dopey
Mini Lop Rabbit
Los Angeles, California, USA
April 14, 2001

Junior the English Spot Mix Junior
English Spot Mix
Glenolden, Pennsylvania, USA
April 15, 2001

Precious the Ferret Precious
Bel Air, Maryland, USA
April 16, 2001

Haru the Koi Haru
Rochester, New York, USA
April 17, 2001

Herby the Guinea Pig Herby
Guinea Pig
Arlington, Texas, USA
April 18, 2001

Taco the Double Yellow Taco
Double Yellow
El Paso, Texas, USA
April 19, 2001

Dusty the Dwarf Lop Rabbit Dusty
Dwarf Lop Rabbit
Cheshire, U.K.
April 20, 2001

Kirin the Giant Green Iguana Kirin
Giant Green Iguana
Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA
April 21, 2001

Tango the Sun Conure Tango
Sun Conure
Roanoke, Virginia, USA
April 22, 2001

Scooter the Ferret Scooter
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
April 23, 2001

Merv the Indian Ringneck Parrot Merv
Indian Ringneck Parrot
Christchurch, New Zealand
April 24, 2001

Fred the African Clawed Frog Fred
African Clawed Frog
Minnesota, USA
April 25, 2001

Kirra the Umbrella Cockatoo Kirra
Umbrella Cockatoo
Paris, France
April 26, 2001

Zip the Paint Horse Zip
Paint Horse
April 27, 2001

Trixie the Mini Trixie
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
April 28, 2001

Tiki the Sun Conure Tiki
Sun Conure
Southern California, USA
April 29, 2001

Playdough, Snowball the Cat, Albino Ferret Playdough, Snowball
Cat, Albino Ferret
Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA
April 30, 2001

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