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September 16, 2000

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BB, the Pet of the Day
Name: BB
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rhode Island Red
Home: Casper, Wyoming, USA
   This is my favorite hen, BB. BB is a Rhode Island Red hen, two years old and quite the layer. We live in Casper, Wyoming on six acres in the sorta country. BB is a nice hen, she got her name by being all bare on the back where the other hen picked on her. We had to put sunscreen on her back to keep her from getting sunburned last summer. I let them molt this winter and lo and behold BB grew back all her feathers and is no longer "bare-backed". She is still easy to pick out of the flock of six as she is the smallest hen and has lighter feathers than the other girls. Chickens are not the most common pets but the eggs are good and I love to watch them run across the yard with their wings all spread out like they could fly if they wanted to. They do occasionally get airborne but not for long. In this picture BB is in one of the cat's beds on the porch laying an egg. I did find one in there later in the day. Talk about looking for a comfy place to lay an egg!

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