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September 12, 2000

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Cricket, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cricket
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Senegal Parrot
Home: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
   Cricket is spoiled-rotten and is a very loving, affectionate and funny parrot. His plumage is beautiful... this picture does not do it justice. He gets tons of attention and loves it that way! He talks, although with such a small voice box, it is not always clear. Some of his favorite words to say are "What?", Whatcha' doin'?", "What do you want?", "Hello" (when the phone rings), "I love you", "Nutriberri", Go night night" and "Cricket" (which was the first word he ever said). And, of course, he makes many sounds including whistles, peeps, the microwave sounds, the house alarm door-opening-sound, kissing, clucks, and he loves to tell me, "Shhhhhhhhhh!" HA HA He does tricks, too, like 'flipper', where he flips over on my finger then pulls back up; 'backwards flipper' (falls backward); 'shake hands'; 'wave'; 'nodding' (especially when he wants something I am eating); and everybody's favorite: 'headstand' (he holds onto a finger, then "headstands" into the palm of my other hand). I could write forever about his antics, but I will close by telling you how sweet he is, like when I cry, he makes the sniffling sound like me, then leans over to my face and "kisses" away my tears! He stole my heart... what a little "tweetheart"! :-)

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