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September 10, 2000

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Freddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Freddy
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Budgie (Undulatus Melopsittacus)
Home: Bochum, Germany
   Hi, my name is Freddy Flintstone. I'm the husband of Wilma and the neighbor of Paule which were already Pet of the Day. I am about five years old. I'm very green and my beard is very yellow like an citron. In former times I wanted to be a model, but after the education of our baby-bird Mariechen (on the left of the picture [by the way she's a guy]) I gave up this aim and I became a budgie-social worker in our cage. My job is to integrate Paule, which is still a little bit odd, because he lived too long only with humans. Besides that I perform an anti-aggressive-training-program with Wilma, because she butchers us when we sit between her and some budgie food. While doing these very important things I haven't had much time to care for my feathers. Sometimes I look terrible, especially when I've lost my beard-point-feathers while moulting. On these days I dream of the bird contests I missed, but never mind... Finally I would like to tell you, that Wilma hasn't lost any weight in the last year because she is very lazy and hungry. Hasta la vista babies.

    Since April this year I was very ill and all my doctors (specialists for pets, birds and homeopathics) didn't know what exactly I suffer from. But now I'm on the way to get healthy. It was a hard long way to go (fly). My owners took me almost thirty times to many doctors. I had to swallow foul-tasting medicines which didn't help and one of the doctors plucked my belly. But I stayed optimistic. I have still a little hole in my belly because I had a abscess, but I think in a few weeks it will be closed again. Before I got ill I could have been a great star because I had the nicest plumage in the town. But that's past. The little monster on the left is Mariechen, which is now called Poldie. When she got older we detected that she is a male budgie :-( ; for that reason I persuaded my owners to buy a female budgie. She's called Lena (Lenchen). Therefore I call to all the pets in the world "Believe in Yourself and stay optimistic."

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