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September 1, 2000

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Baby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Baby
Age: Nineteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Bunny
Home: New York, New York, USA
   This is my pet rabbit, Baby. Baby is a brown and white Dutch bunny. She is also one of the best Christmas presents that I ever got! I got my bunny for Christmas about one and a half years ago. At first, Baby was a shy little bunny but now she is very confident and comfortable. My bunny is very playful, friendly and she even gets jealous sometimes! Baby loves to play by being chased all around and by tossing around her little toys. If I pay attention to my pet hamsters, Baby gets jealous. She runs circles around my feet and nudges me for attention! Although Baby is usually a very sweet rabbit, when she is grumpy she does something very funny. She snorts like a little pig! If you bother her when she is in her favorite spot under the bed, Baby will let out a little snort. My bunny is also special because she gives kisses, never bites and jumps right into my lap when I give her a treat.

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