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October 29, 2000

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Max, the Pet of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sulphur Springs Spanish Mustang
Home: Long Beach, California, USA
   We would like to present to you a very interesting horse colt.

    Name: "Anhur Maximus". "Anhur" is an Egyptian name (chosen because of his body color and the "eyeliner" type markings above and around his eyes). The translation for Anhur is as follows: Anhur, (male)(worship centre:- Anhur) A warrior god. Warriors worshiped him and wore robes and carried a lance just as their god did. "Anhur is a desert dweller, his temple is shrouded in the desert sands". "He is the chaotic good God of War."

    "Maximus" is a Roman word, with the meaning somewhat obvious (especially once you've met Max).

    **Dr. Gus Cothran of Kentucky University and Dr. Phil Sponenberg of Virginia Polytechnic University have studied this particular group of Spanish Mustangs, which come from the Sulphur Springs area in Utah from 6,000 feet to 10,000 ft. elevation when living in a feral state. (Max is 2nd generation born-captive). The studies that Dr. Gus Cothran conducted, in particular, have shown that the "markers" in a particular kind of blood test show that these horses appear to be direct descendants with no apparent influx of other blood -- to the Spanish horses which were brought to the California Missions by the Spaniards and then stolen by Walkara, the Indian, shortly before the fall of the Spanish Missions (in Southern California). These mission horses were of Sorraia, Jennet and Andalusian breeding. They exhibit a 56% "dun factor" in feral herds, which is the highest known to occur in any feral herd. (Dun factor are all of the "zebra-like" markings, such as the dorsal stripe, ear tips, leg barring, herring bone/sawtooth markings along the dorsal, ventral stripes and other unusual markings). The Sulphur Spanish Mustangs are truly unique and rare animals and certainly an interesting part of American History.

    Max has the most amazing markings!! We haven't seen markings as extensive on any dun horse as of yet. There are /have been others, but their occurrence is extremely rare. That is one of the reasons this colt is so special.

    We've had three people ask us if he is part zebra or if he is a zebra. Funny, no?

    He is only four months-old and I have already three offers for breeding him to others' mares when he is ready. That won't even be physically possible until he is about one year-old, if he is even to be bred that young. Talk about arranged marriages?

    Max also has one silly disposition and very much is a "people" person.

    I was also present for his birth and I have it captured on video. I cleared the sac for him to take his first breath. It was quite an experience.

    He loves people and he'd love to meet you, I'm sure.

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