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October 27, 2000

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Ziggy, Zuka, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ziggy, Zuka
Age: Two, One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Hawn's Macaw, Sun Conure
Home: Lakewood, Colorado, USA
   My name is Ziggy and I am the Green one and also the big sister of Zuka the colorful one. We like to play together until Zuka gets sick of me cleaning her up. Our favorite foods are blueberries which we love to smear on the wall and also Mac and Cheese. I talk a lot, but Zuka isn't too good at it yet. My new favorite thing to say is "What are you doing?" and Zuka likes to say "Pretty Bird," that is one of the few things she can say, so I get sick of hearing it. We are great entertainment and we love our parents, but we are daddy's little girls - he is our favorite!

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