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October 26, 2000

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Snaus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snaus
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Arabian Gelding
Home: East Syracuse, New York, USA
   This is my horse SL Sherekahn. That is his registered name, but his nickname is Snaus, which came from his longer nickname of Snausage. He is a thirteen year old purebred Arabian gelding. He lives at a barn in East Syracuse NY. He is special to me because of how loving he is no matter what. He will be just as happy in the show ring, going for trail rides, longing, being groomed, doing lessons, or just following me around like a dog when he is loose in the indoor arena. I can stand at the top of the aisle way in my barn and call his name. He comes over to wait by the door, and will nicker to me as I walk towards him. He is always willing to be fair to me if I show him love and am fair with him. The more I ride him, and spend time with him, the more that the bond of trust between us grows. He absolutely loves to have his face brushed and will fall asleep while you do it. He's a wonderful friend who loves me no matter what else I have done in life, what I wear, or who I am friends with. Sometimes to have a lifelong friend, all you need is a lot of time, a lot of love to give, and maybe the occasional carrot or peppermint. :)

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