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October 25, 2000

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Stewart, the Pet of the Day
Name: Stewart
Age: Seven and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Himalayan
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Here is Stewart... he is our 4th guinea pig and has proven to be the most lovable of the bunch. Stewart was a rescue piggie, found in a small over-piggie-populated pet store. He had been there since birth and was six months old when we brought him home. He is by far the most cuddliest of all the guinea pigs that we own. He loves to be held, and gives back as much love as we give him. We are very lucky to have found Stewart when we did. He had been in the pet store and had little to no human contact since his birth in the store six months prior. He was very small for his age, obviously undernourished, and was suffering from a skin condition. There was no way we could walk out of that store without him but that first day we did. I was bound and determined that three guinea pigs was enough. That night I lay awake a good part of the night thinking of that poor little piggie with those pink eyes and brown nose staring at me out of that cage. By opening time of the shop we were there, pet carrier in hand, bound and determined to make him ours. Within weeks of being in our home he was gaining weight, enjoying the tastes of fresh veggies and being lavished with loads of love and attention - something that he had never experienced before. Now Stewart is paying us back ten-fold with his wonderful personality and his sweet little licky kisses...

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