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October 6, 2000

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TShockwave, the Pet of the Day
Name: TShockwave
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Arabian
Home: Amboy, Washington, USA
   This is TShockwave, a five-year-old registered Arabian gelding. We reside in Amboy, Washington near Mt ST Helens. We purchased TShockwave from an Arabian farm in Oregon as an unhealthy yearling. He was covered with lice and rainrot, and I really didn't think he would amount to much. I even tried unsuccessfully to sell him, but no one else wanted him either! I am very thankful for that as I have never met a more loyal horse. He has surpassed my highest expectations and I am honored to ride him in parades and play days in our area. He has taught me one of life's most valuable lessons, that often there is more than first meets the eye! Let the star in you and your pets shine in everything you do!

    Shockwave just keeps amazing me! He is my all around best friend. I have roped off him, penned cattle, ridden with a drill team and now we are part of the Top 10 riders, which is a gaming club. He is running and living with all his heart. Everything he does he gives 110%. Its amazing to me that just three years ago I couldn't find a buyer for him. Now almost everywhere I go everyone wishes they had a horse that was as versatile as him!

    Shockwave is very lovable, he hates to be left behind! If I take our other horse for a ride around the prairie and leave him home he whinnies for us and will run to each corner of the pasture to get a glimpse of us! I have used John Lyons methods on him and trained him myself. He has been handled with love and respect since I have had him, and has shown the same regard to me and the family. He always comes when he is called from the pasture, ready for his next adventure.

    When I was a little girl, I always wanted a horse like him. Today and every day I thank God for allowing me to have him. I continue to watch the ads in the paper for those horses who need TLC. Maybe someday there will be another little ugly baby who needs someone to see past the outer appearance and into the soul and heart. If I should be so lucky again, I wouldn't hesitate to bring him home and treat him like one of the family.

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