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October 1, 2000

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Dena, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dena
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: Eugene, Oregon, USA
   Sidana, whom we call Dena for short, is a three year old ferret who really thinks she is a cat. What makes Dena so special is that she was found out in the snow two years ago, starving and obviously abandoned. We adopted her from a local shelter. When she first came to us she hated all men but now she's daddy's little girl. She rushes to the door when she hears him come home, follows him around the house constantly and obviously adores him. When she wants his attention she lays her head on his foot and patiently waits for him to notice her. She learned to sit up on her hind legs for raisins and no longer bites at all.

    The other thing that makes Dena so special is she has insulinoma so she won't be with us much longer before she crosses the rainbow bridge. We are trying to enjoy every moment we have left. Insulinoma is a form of cancer that attacks the pancreas. It is very common with ferrets. Most ferrets that develop Insulinoma also contract Adrenal Disease. There are a several ways that Insulinoma is treated but the two most common are surgery to attempt to remove the tumors and medicating with Prednisone, which has been known to shrink some tumors. It is common for both treatments to be used. Some ferret owners prefer to try and control Insulinoma with diet which has also been known to work. Common symptoms include a balding tail, seizures and low blood sugar. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me. You can find extensive information on Insulinoma at Dena's our darling every day.

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