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November 29, 2000

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Ivysaur Pepperpig and Ponyta Twopaws, the Pets of the Day
Name: Ivysaur Pepperpig, Ponyta Twopaws
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pigs
Home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
   Hi, I'm Ivysaur Pepperpig & she's Ponyta Twopaws, Ivy & Pony for short, thanks. I do most of the talking, Pony's shy.We are both girls and we are best friends. Look at Pony, she always looks like she just got up, even when our Humans brush her. We love to eat, we love the salad bar especially, or fresh fruit salad, or popsicles, or bird seeds, hay and homegrown parsley, the list is endless.I am the reigning "Drama Queen" in the house, when I hear the fridge door open I start up, and then when I hear the krinkling of the plastic produce bags I really pour it on. We love to go camping and tease the squirrels, oh, Pony says I have that backwards, the squirrels love to tease us. If we aren't at the lake with our friends, we get to go to the parks, eat grass and meet lots of people. Tons of fun. Pony & I love to snuggle under the covers with our Humans and sometimes its gets kinda ticklish. I'm very ticklish around where my waist is supposed to be, but, Surprise! I tickle back. I nibble with my teeth, never actually biting, of course, the harder you tickle me the harder I nibble you. We laugh a lot. OOHH MY GOOODNESS... sshh... I think I heard the... the fridge... krinkle, krinkle, YESS..pppprrrrrrppppprrrrrrrPPPPPRRRRR....Krinkle, Krinkkle, SQUEAK, SQUEEEAAKKKSSSSSQQQQQQUUEEEEEEEEEAAKK..ahhh, lettuce.

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