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November 22, 2000

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Star, the Pet of the Day
Name: Star
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada
   What makes Star so special to our family is that she keeps us on our toes. Star was brought into the family about two and a half years ago. My daughter Chantal tricked me into keeping her when all the rest of the girls backed out on taking care of the pet. She basically took Star and put her in my face and with tears running down her face said..."Say Goodbye to Mom!" Well, of course that's all it took and we kept her.

    Star is a beautiful little black rabbit with some white through her. To our surprise last year she had five baby rabbits. We thought she was actually a male. Chantal took her to a neighbors one day and put Star in the same cage with theirs. A month later to our amazement out of her house popped a little baby rabbit. Boy, what a surprise. I guess we didn't check the rabbit out enough. Ha Ha. We are glad she is a part of our family and we found good homes for all her babies!

    Star is certainly a great house pet. She has a house in our basement that is fit for a King. Her house is eight feet long, she has a little house built inside for sleeping quarters and at the other end she has her bathroom. She is litter box train. She has a toy wheel in her house that she enjoys flipping around. Her house was custom made so she would have a lots of room to run around in and get exercise. She loves Chantal rubbing her belly. When Chantal turns her on her back she actually goes to sleep in her arms like that. Chantal always takes her outside so other children can pet her and she lets Star run around the garden, eat some grass and stretch her legs. Boy, oh boy...she really can do some fantastic flips in the air. We get great enjoyment out of her. She is just like a little baby and Chantal treats her like that. Star also gets along well with our cat Fluffy... sometimes they crash out together. One of Star's favorite food is carrots... I think she likes them so much because we hand feed it to her. She is spoiled. She is a lovely rabbit and a great addition to the family.

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