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November 21, 2000

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Pepsi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pepsi
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pacific Parrotlet
Home: East Northport, New York, USA
   Pepsi is a ten-month-old Pacific Parrotlet who became a member of our family in January 2000. We found him at eight weeks old in a pet store all alone in a small canary cage that had no perches and no toys. He was barely weaned, very thin and was only being fed parakeet seed and his water bowl was very dirty. The people who worked in the pet store thought he was a Madagascar lovebird!!! I put my finger up to the cage and he came running over wanting to be scratched on the head. When this happened we knew we could not leave him there so we decided to bring him home and make him a member of our family.

    What a little Pepster he is!! When we first brought him home he emptied out his food bowls several times a day from eating so much and seemed to double his body weight in a matter of a couple weeks. He has since become our much beloved little friend. In fact, he earned the name Pepsi from big sister Alex who commented that he acted like he drank too much Pepsi soda. His no fear attitude and antics has brought so much laughter and joy to our house. He is also a great companion and friend to Sprout, a Canary-Wing Parakeet who was Pet of the Day on January 17, 2000. Their antics together are becoming legendary. They love to raid the kitchen table at dinner time and help themselves to a bit of everything and throw all the utensils and napkins around. One of Pepsi's favorite activities is to land right on Sprout when he is perched somewhere such as a curtain rod, cage top etc. forcing Sprout to chatter angrily and either fly away or move over while Pepsi giggles.

    As you can see, Pepsi just loves to make mischief and let his presence be known. If he sets his mind to something he will go to all lengths to make sure he gets to do it. He tends to forget that he is not a golden eagle but a tiny little bird that weighs 25 grams that has earned himself the nicknames "The Little Gladiator" and "The Tyrant of Tenacity". He must be involved with everything that goes on and is incredibly nosy. When the food bowls are being washed he must be right there to watch the soap suds and then inspect that they are clean afterwards. He also must be right there when I am on the PC demanding that I stop typing and scratch him on the head. If any other bird is out of the cage, he chirps and cheeps as loud as he can insisting that he come out also.

    Pepsi has an incredible talking ability. He loves to chatter and make all types of sounds. His repertoire includes calling the cat, sneezing, coughing, playing Peek-a-boo, yawning when you do, running water, big kisses, this continuous giggle which only seems to appear when he is wreaking havoc on things and many more. He also stands on his head, does somersaults, lays on his back and does a mean head butt when he feels like you are not making him the center of the universe. He can also whistle a 60 syllable German nursery rhyme. Words he can say include, "Hi!", "Hello", "Bee Bee bee bee", "very good", "Peek-a-boo... I see You!", and many more. Pepsi is also a very loving bird and is just happy sitting on your shoulder for hours grooming your hair or neck or just chattering away. He is loves to be cuddled, held and scratched and has no problem returning the love. He loves to meet new people and after observing a stranger for a minute or two, he will act like he has known them forever. Pepsi has become such a fixture in our lives that we cannot imagine what life would be like without him. His funny little personality, fearlessness, confiding nature, his devotion to us, and love of life has made our whole family and everyone who meets him fall madly in love with him.

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