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November 5, 2000

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Buck, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buck
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male
Kind: Lop Rabbit
Home: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
   This was my lop rabbit, Buck. Buck was at the SPCA where I volunteer. He was six months old at the time and so cute! I figured my female rabbit would like some company, knowing how difficult it is to bond rabbits. Well, it was hard, but eventually she came around to love him. Buck was an easy-going rabbit. He didn't mind being held and was very gentle. He had a malloclusion, meaning his teeth were not even at the front and I would have to clip one of them every now an then. He loved to run around the apartment-even on the hardwood floor. He would run at full speed to our room sometimes sliding on the floor to avoid running into the door! He loved being groomed by Miss Bunny-he would shove his head under her mouth and love every minute. He didn't learn to groom her back however! Buck just recently passed and I hope he is happy at the Rainbow Bridge and free of pain. I miss him very much and love him deeply. I miss you fella - you're my little monkey boy.

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