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May 15, 2000

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Ginger, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ginger
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Paint
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
   I have not owned Ginger very long, but she has already changed my life in a positive way. I first saw her at a stable down the road from my house, near my school. The man who owned the stable where Ginger was, was my dad's old football coach. It's amazing how a great (good) change in your life can happen in an uncanny way. If you knew my dad, you would never think that he would play football. So, anyway, we talked to a nice preacher man, Mr. Ray, who told me that he would "think about selling Ginger." It was the most nerve-wracking night of my life! We went back the next day and Mr. Ray said, "I believe I have a horse that I can sell you." I was filled with delight as I gave my first horse a treat. Ginger listens well under the saddle. When I'm on the ground- she is the sweetest horse I have ever met. When I feed her treats she takes them so gently out of my hand. She licks my hands too :) When ever I pull in the driveway of the stable, she whinnies when she sees me coming. She lets me kiss her nose, and hug her too. She is my best friend because I can tell her everything- and she never comments. She may not talk back, but that doesn't mean she is not listening. Animals never tell you that you dont look nice. Ginger is beautiful, and she doesn't know it. I am very glad that we found each other. :)

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