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May 12, 2000

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Jump, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jump
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pot-Bellied Pig
Home: Texarkana, Arkansas, USA
   Jump is a pot bellied pig. His parents, Ms. Piggy and Kermit are lying on the floor behind him. Jump is a local celebrity in the nursing home where I work. When he was smaller everyone had to have their pictures made with him. During his last visit, we had to put him in a shopping cart to let him visit all the rooms, due to his size and the slick floors.

    He sits very patiently for treats. He prefers to be fed from our plate with a fork, you see, jump does not realize he is a pig - he thinks he is human. If he gets cold at night, he will jump up on the side of our bed and pull the blankets off the bed so he can get warm. Before he got so big, he would jump into the waterbed with us and try to root us out of bed. He makes different sounds to inform us of his needs, he cries if he does not get his morning belly rub, he squeals if he thinks he is being ignored, and hollers like a banshee if he thinks he is being mistreated.

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