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May 5, 2000

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Buddy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bennett Red Neck Wallaby
Home: New Mexico, USA
   The small picture shows my pet Buddy in his mom's pouch. He is now a year and a half old and he has his own baby joeys on the way. He is a Bennett Red Neck Wallaby and he and two females live in my back yard in New Mexico.

    The larger photo is a more recent picture of Buddy eating a dill pickle out of my hands. This picture was taken about eight months ago. He is outside full time now as he is an expecting father and has no time for mommy any more, so I will just wait and spoil his children LOL. Buddy is very special, I bottle raised him (which is normal in wallabies - you need to bottle feed them to get the bond). I took him everywhere with me. One time we were leaving the house and he was real fidgety, finally I realized he was sitting on his tail and he liked to suck on it like a pacifier. So from then on the joke was every time we left the house was "Mommy did you bring my tail?" I was sitting on the couch one day watching TV and Buddy was messing around somewhere else in the house. I got up went to the kitchen to get myself a dill pickle, I returned to the couch and Buddy came racing from down the hall, took the pickle out of my hands and ate the whole thing (mini gherkin)! So from then on if I had a pickle, so did Buddy.

    Buddy loves to play. I have a straight toilet bowl brush (new, never used for a toilet) in his yard to clean out his water dish with. I can look out the window now and then and he will be playing with that toilet bowl brush, I tease him and say he is brushing his teeth.

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