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May 3, 2000

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Bubbles and Squirt, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bubbles, Squirt
Age: Four weeks old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: White Ducks
Home: Freeville, New York, USA
   Bubbles and Squirt are special because they make my husband and I smile and they play wonderful music for us to wind down after a long day. I mean just look at them. They are now about three to four weeks old. Bubbles and Squirt are our second try at having ducks for our small pond. We tried last year with two Mallards. Unfortunately, one of the mallards lost his battle with a mean nasty snapping turtle. The other mallard, Mr. Quackers decided to take his first flight and landed in my neighbor's cherry tree where he continues to live with their duck friends.

    This year we decided to try white ducks. Right now they have tripled in size and are living in my den until the weather gets a bit warmer. They are much more personable than the mallards were. They certainly let us know when they are hungry and thirsty. They love to peep out of there bin and watch me on the computer or while I exercise. They are also quite intent on grooming us when we spend time with them.

    Squirt had a little problem at first with his foot, but seems to be better now. Bubbles is more active and the biggest talker. He/She seems to try to protect Squirt. We are now trying to let them have a daily swim in the pond, but if it is too cold, they then have get to go rubba dub dub in out bath tub. We are hoping that they stay around, but if they decide to move on, we will understand as we don't know their gender that is why they have non-gender specific names.

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