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March 28, 2000

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Kacperek, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kacperek
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Martin, Netherlands Dwarf Mix
Home: Clearwater, Florida, USA
   This is my five-year-old dwarf bunny Kacperek, who is my absolute little joy every day. I bought her in Petland in Largo, Florida. My brother had two dwarf bunnies and I became 'hooked' on them until I had to buy myself one. So, I didn't know how much fun and 'fuzziness' they create!

    Kacperek was been named after few days having her. I thought that was a male bunny, but it happened to be in opposite:). The name stuck, though. It means 'a little housebreaker' and for some time it did fit her quite well. Now she is more settled and knows the rules of the house. She also knows when the refrigerator door is being opened to stand from a distance, waiting for any snack opportunity. Kacperek loves bananas, pears, apples, even little of peach. She is always funny when she falls asleep and shakes her little body and head. I hardly stay without a smile when seeing her like that. She loves being petted on her cheeks and under the eyes, and slightly squeezed flat to the floor with one slow stroke of my hand.

    She is a "case" in herself. I have noticed that my little friend loves to observe me and remain "puffy" in her approach to me. This simply means she keeps her distance. But, oh yes - there is no distance when I happen to bring a piece of sweet cheese roll. She invades my privacy then! There is so much begful murmuring and pushing her nose under my arm, that I am completely amused by her behavior.

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