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March 20, 2000

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Max, the Pet of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: Mountain View, California, USA
   Hi! Here I am cuddling up to my very favorite toy, my rugrat I call Baby. One day my Mom spotted me in the pet shop in a cage full of parakeets and we instantly bonded. I'm quite a remarkable little bird as in no time at all I could say over seventy words. Now I'm two and one half years old I talk in sentences (my Mom's lost count) such as "Maxy is Mama's little sweetheart," "Baby loves Maxipoo," "Barney's messing with my computer," and "Lorraine comes on Tuesdays." (She's my Mom's friend who babysits me when Mom goes away on trips.) Mom calls me her little refrigerator magnet as I'm almost permanently sitting on her shoulder and when she sits down I cuddle under her chin. I hardly ever let her out of my sight. At around 7:30 every evening I get back into my cage as it's my bedtime, but I like to have Baby and Barney (my purple dinosaur) in there with me to keep me company. I just play with kids' toys as I like them better than bird toys; and I have lots of little cars I like to push off the table and around the floor.

    In the morning when I hear my Mom stirring I call out to her to let me out of the cage and then I "help" get the coffee and toast ready. I eat some toast but I'm not allowed any of the coffee. I like to play cards with Mom and her friends, except I'm a pest and throw their cards off the table even though they give me all the jokers to try to keep me busy.

    Footnote from Max's Mom: All who meet Max are amazed at his intelligence and vocalization as it really is quite awesome. But above all it is the joy this endearing little guy gives to us all. If you're feeling a little down for some reason or another, you just have to watch his antics, listen to his chattering, and your spirits are always lifted - especially so when he lands on your shoulder and cheerfully says in your ear "Hi, how are ya?"

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