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March 13, 2000

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Sweet Pea, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweet Pea
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Virginia, USA
   This is Sweet Pea, our rabbit. She live with us in our kindergarten in Virginia. She belonged to a second grade teacher who moved to another state. The teacher knew that our teacher loved animals, so she gave Sweet Pea to her.

    Sweet Pea appears to be an English rabbit. She is primarily white in color, but has some black around her eyes, ears, nose, and tail. We think she is about three years old, but we're not sure. Our teacher lets her hop around the room almost everyday. Some days she will just find a comfortable place to rest in the class. Other days she hops all around, even into our group area when our teacher is reading to us. She is really funny when she finds a book on the floor, and although she is chewing, she almost looks as if she is reading. She even picked one up and threw it one day. We laughed and laughed. Sweet Pea loves the gourmet kind of rabbit chow, and she is crazy about cauliflower and carrots. We really love her!

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