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March 10, 2000

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Via, the Pet of the Day
Name: Via
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Thoroughbred Mare
Home: California, USA
   She is the best horse I could ever have. She is a young and hyper. But who cares when she is so willing to please. She tries everything she can to make you happy.

    She is so willing to try, she is barley trained and very green but a nine year old can ride her. She isn't calm, but it is her sweet and loving attitude that makes you love her so much. She does have her bad manners but she is only baby. And never been professionally trained from our own records.

    Via has a racing spirit! She loves calm too but that racing instinct just kicks in when she runs. She is affectionate but only really after you ride her. She definitely isn't independent. She can't even keep her wait up grazing all day and being feed 2x daily.

    She knows a lot of tricks for getting out of doing stuff, but as for just being cute, she doesn't need any. Favorite games, hmmm....well she just loves being ridden and loved. She's the kind where you get up and go and then love, love, love!

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