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March 5, 2000

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Jenny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jenny
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pot Belly Pig
Home: McDonough, Georgia, USA
   My Pot Belly Pig's name is Jenny. We live in McDonough, Ga. She is six months old and she lives in the house with me. Jenny is a very special piggie, she and her siblings were born with the disease E. Coli. There were nine in the litter, and only Jenny survived the E. Coli with a lot on TLC from me, her piggie mommy. She was a very sick little girl, she weighed eight ounces when she was born, and now she weighs about 55 pounds. She was unable to drink milk when she was born, she had to drink Pedialyte and water mixed, milk feeds E. Coli.

    I have two other piggies outside, but Jenny is so special, she stays inside and uses her litter box that I have trained her to do. She will also beg for food, and cant wait for her treats. She loves to lay on the couch with me and just snuggle and be loved on. She is a miracle baby.

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