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March 1, 2000

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Beaker and Bailey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Beaker, Bailey
Age: One and a half, Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quaker Parrot, Goffin's Cockatoo
Home: Macon, Missouri, USA
   This is Beaker and Bailey. Beaker is one and a half years old and Bailey is around fifteen years old. What makes these two special is the great friendship they have even though they are two different species of bird. Another thing that makes them special is that Beaker has only one leg and Bailey is blind in one eye. I hand fed Beaker but Bailey was adopted. Both are very tame. What is neat is that Bailey is a wild caught bird (import) and she is tame enough to allow my toddler to tote her around on her shoulder! I like to take both of them to my kids school for children to interact with a bird up close and personal. Both of them are well mannered (better than my kids!) These are two wonderful birds!

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