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June 13, 2000

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Skittles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Skittles
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Southern Flying Squirrel
Home: Southern Ontario, Canada
   This is Skittles who I've only really had for just about a month now. I had a very long and extensive search trying to find him as southern flying squirrels are not very common as pets in my area of the country yet. After just under a year of searching I finally found a breeder in Ohio that had some babies available and spent a whole day driving there and back to get him which was an experience in itself.

    I got him at the age of seven weeks while he was still being hand fed formula which is the best time to get a southern flying squirrel for them to bond to you. I am in fact still feeding him a small amount of formula twice daily but am very slowly tapering the amount down although he just loves the stuff and loves me for giving it to him :)

    He is the dearest, most friendly little creature who just enjoys all of the time I spend with him. I sewed some oversized pockets onto t-shirts of mine so I can carry him around with me and he can curl up and sleep inside. He will sometimes perch on the outside edge of the pocket and watch what I'm doing, or dash in and out of the pocket to have some fun too : ) He also just recently started jumping/gliding short distances to me which I just think is amazing!

    In just the short while I've had Skittles he has become the dearest pet to me that makes me smile all the time :)

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