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Jewel the Llama Jewel
Raymore, Missouri, USA
June 01, 2000

Lula the Rabbit Lula
Tacoma, Washington, USA
June 02, 2000

Goatee the Pygmy goat Goatee
Pygmy goat
Lancaster, South Carolina, USA
June 03, 2000

Bunny the Chinchilla Bunny
Duluth, Minnesota, USA
June 04, 2000

Doh Doh the Blue Crown Conure Doh Doh
Blue Crown Conure
Woodland Hills, California, USA
June 05, 2000

Stuci the Spur Thighed Tortoise Stuci
Spur Thighed Tortoise
Williams, Minnesota, USA
June 06, 2000

Professor Higgins the Mini Rex Professor Higgins
Mini Rex
Apple Creek, Ohio, USA
June 07, 2000

Kenbee the Thoroughbred Kenbee
Salmon, Idaho, USA
June 08, 2000

Shaba the Congo African Grey Shaba
Congo African Grey
Wisconsin, USA
June 09, 2000

Danny the Appaloosa Gelding Danny
Appaloosa Gelding
Michigan, USA
June 10, 2000

Miss Jingles the Mouse Miss Jingles
San Diego, California, USA
June 11, 2000

Luna the Netherland Dwarf Luna
Netherland Dwarf
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
June 12, 2000

Skittles the Southern Flying Squirrel Skittles
Southern Flying Squirrel
Southern Ontario, Canada
June 13, 2000

Buddy the Horse Buddy
Ogden, Utah, USA
June 14, 2000

Kyzyl the Bactrian Camel Kyzyl
Bactrian Camel
Upstate New York, USA
June 15, 2000

Iggy the Green Iguana Iggy
Green Iguana
Riverside, California, USA
June 16, 2000

Smeagol the Teddy Bear Smeagol
Teddy Bear
Devon, England
June 17, 2000

JJ the Donkey JJ
West Virginia, USA
June 18, 2000

Penny the Guinea Pig Penny
Guinea Pig
Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA
June 19, 2000

Ears the Mini Rex Ears
Mini Rex
Kensington, Maryland, USA
June 20, 2000

Gizmo the Ferret Gizmo
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
June 21, 2000

Pickles the Eclectus Parrot Pickles
Eclectus Parrot
Hudson, Florida, USA
June 22, 2000

Webster the African Burrowing Bullfrog Webster
African Burrowing Bullfrog
New Mexico; Arizona, USA
June 23, 2000

Carlito the Discus Carlito
Michigan, USA
June 24, 2000

Chuckles the Ferret Chuckles
June 25, 2000

Merlin the Umbrella Cockatoo Merlin
Umbrella Cockatoo
Temperance, Michigan, USA
June 26, 2000

Sable the Sugar Glider Sable
Sugar Glider
Dripping Springs, Texas, USA
June 27, 2000

Bunny One the Rabbit Bunny One
Bedfordshire, England
June 28, 2000

Petey, Patty the Birds Petey, Patty
Mauricetown, New Jersey, USA
June 29, 2000

Max the Opossum Max
Baxley, Georgia, USA
June 30, 2000

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