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July 30, 2000

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Blue, the Pet of the Day
Name: Blue
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Belgian Draft Horse
Home: Elbert, Colorado, USA
   Blue is a rescue horse. He just turned two. It's a miracle that he lasted long enough for me to find him. He is what they call a PMU foal. Blue's mother was a production mare. She produced Pregnant Mare Urine. Pregnant Mare Urine is used to make a drug called Premarine - hence it's name. Women going through menopause use it, of course there are synthetic versions, but the original product is still in demand. Blue's mother had foaled him about 1-2 months earlier when it was time to breed her again. Since she was a draft horse (bigger horse - more urine), they attempted to use a smaller stud horse. Her back was broken and she was euthanized. Somehow baby Blue was not sent to the slaughter house - as most PMU foals are - but rather wet nursed from another mare and was cared for by the PMU farmers family. Another strike against Blue is that he really is Blue - in color. Now, since he is a Belgian and they are for the most part a color breed, he could not be 'teamed' up with another to sell as a working pair. Once again, somehow when the normal time comes for the foal crop to go to the slaughter house, he didn't go. A horse rescue facility in my local area took interest in these PMU babies and went up to the Dakota's to strike a bargain. She meet some PMU people, who actually were interested in the welfare of their stock. (just like all the other horror stories, there are responsible farmers out there too.) She brought home her first PMU babies, and I found Blue.

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