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July 14, 2000

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Java, Sally, the Pets of the Day
Name: Java, Sally
Age: Twenty one, Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Belgian Draft-Thoroughbred,
Connemara Pony-Thoroughbred Cross
Home: New York, USA
   Java is on the left and Saladdays is on the right. Java is 21 years old, which in human years would be 84! Java (who is affectionately called Beanie) is a Belgian Draft-Thoroughbred cross, and is 16.2 hands. Saladdays (who is called Sally) is six years old, and a Connemara Pony-thoroughbred cross, and is 16 hands and quite stout!

    A few years ago when I made the decision that soon Java would have to retire from his present job if he were to be able to continue to be sound and healthy, he made the decision for me. Even though you can see he loved his job the speeds and distances at this level were going to become too much for his joints. He found Saladdays (Sally) as a three year old at a friends place, and literally dragged me to her stall. Three months later I bought her. They have been inseparable ever since. Java has taught Sally a great deal, and they often talk and discuss things. Typical of these 'father-daughter' talks, the daughter always knows it all! After three years of quiet careful training Sally started her first year of Novice competition. Last summer she was part of a team at the Eastern National Adult Team Championships and we won out of 21 teams! You can see she loves her job as well! Sally is very talented, but I will not push her too fast, or ask more than she is capable of, so that she becomes overwhelmed. Slow careful training is the best for any animal.

    Sally has an opinion about everything, is very inquisitive, and knows she is a Queen! But she still listens to Beanie. They have lots of lovely safe pasture to play in, and enjoy their work and play time. Beanie is still ridden every day, but not jumped. Older horses need to be kept using their bodies and minds to stay sound, and will live a long time if cared for properly. They both eat, along with their three small meals, five pounds of carrots a day, and their evening meal before their day off they get a lovely mash which includes Irish Stout beer! I have lots of little children come by and visit the horses, and are learning to take care of animals the right way. Animals, like these horses, are a wonderful gift, and deserve the best treatment we can give them, especially our respect, our love, and our time.

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