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July 12, 2000

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Jewel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jewel
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Jersey Wooly
Home: Apple Creek, Ohio, USA
   Jewel is special because she's Jewel! She loves playing in the hallway. In this picture, she is taking a short (very short) rest. When I lie down on the floor, Jewel jumps on my back and "surveys her domain". Then, she's off to go running & jumping as only a bunny can! She's very smart & comes when she's called (most of the time). Sometimes she's conveniently deaf but, for the most part, she loves attention. She used to be a show bunny. I bought her at a show and it took her a while to get used to being a pet but I think she likes it. She is still scared of the vacuum cleaner but is getting better about it all the time. She likes to be cuddled and that's OK by me. I wanted a bunny that likes to be petted and cuddled and she seems to fit that mold very well. When I groom her, she tries to climb up on me so I'll stop but I don't let her win. She has to be groomed and she seems to know that she'll feel better when it's done. All in all, I love her & she's so cute that she could probably get away with anything!

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