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July 6, 2000

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Jazzi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jazzi
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: California Desert Tortoise
Home: Thousand Oaks, California, USA
   This is my four-year-old California Desert Tortoise Jazzi. After being on the waiting list for two years with the California Turtle and Tortoise Club I was notified that they had a little hatchling for me. I was so excited I kept singing, "I'm jazzed, I'm jazzed, I'm really, really jazzed!" Which is how he got his name. It is almost impossible to tell the sex of a tortoise hatchling so I wanted a unisex name, but he has since made us aware of his masculinity. I hand fed Jazzi and talked to him and pretty much babied him for three years. He lived in a tank in our house until he was big enough to roam our back yard, where he soon became king. He would always come and greet me when ever I went out there. We have gotten more tortoises to join his little kingdom but he will always be special to me. Then last year when we went on vacation we left him with a friend. Jazzi escaped from their yard. I was devastated, he was my special baby that I had raised from a hatchling. I put flyers up all over town and got quite a few responses but none of the found turtles was my precious Jazzi. After six months I had just about given up hope when I got a call from the friend whose yard they had escaped from. Her neighbor's new cat found a turtle in their back yard. I was almost afraid to believe it was him but when I drove over I knew the tortoise her daughter was holding was my Jazzi. We were such a sight standing in her front yard hugging and laughing and crying to the cheers of the neighbors who had gathered around. Jazzi once again roams our back yard much to the delight of the others in his group who recognized him immediately. Not everyone understands my love of all turtles and tortoises especially this little guy but they do form an attachment to their owners and Jazzi is always there to greet me when ever I go out to the back yard. He's a great pet.

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