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January 24, 2000

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Sugar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sugar
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Netherlands Dwarf
Home: Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
   Sugar (aka Bunzini, because of her flying leaps) is a gray Netherlands Dwarf rabbit with a cute little white tail, who turned five years old on January 3. She lives in Des Plaines, Illinois with me, my husband, our two daughters, and a Siberian hamster named Tolstoy (aka the Biter). We got her when she was six weeks old, the offspring of two rabbits owned by teachers in the school where our younger daughter took band. She loves to be petted but doesn't much care to be held. Occasionally, she'll give us a bunny kiss. Her favorite snacks are carrots and broccoli, and an occasional chunk of banana. Her favorite pastime is running around the house chewing on everything, so we have to continuously supervise her when the "bun is on the run." Whenever we pay attention to the hamster, she gets active in her cage as if to say, "Hey, look at me!" No need to be jealous, Sugar pie honey bun, you know that we love you!

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