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January 22, 2000

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Little Bun, the Pet of the Day
Name: Little Bun
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Netherland Dwarf
New Zealand White Mix
Home: North Carolina, USA
   Little Bun is the sweetest bunny in the world! When people come to my house they are amazed at how much she loves me. She always follows me around everywhere I go. When I call her name she'll come running to me. She loves to eat Papaya Tablets or Yogurt Drops and when she hears the bottle shaking she is there in a flash! Little Bun even sleeps with me every night and she wakes me up every morning at 5am by licking my face and arms. If I don't wake up when she is licking me she'll jump on my face and start chewing my hair! Little Bun really is one loving bunny and she means the world to me!

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