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January 10, 2000

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Jade, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jade
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peach faced Love Bird
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   These little guys were the first birds I'd ever had. My great-grandmother always had Canaries and Cockatoos, so I've always wanted birds. Jasmine didn't last too long; I think she was sick to begin with. So we had Jade. He had quite the personality! When I would let him out of his cage, he'd climb to the top and sit in the plant until it was time for him to go to sleep for the night. Sometimes he'd glide over to the fish tank and find a small opening in the top of the tank and take a bath!

    When we moved, we were able to get a kitten, Panda. Panda and Jade got along quite well! Jade would glide to the floor and walk right up to Panda and look at him! Sometimes Panda would pick him up in his mouth and carry him around, but never hurt him. If we were in another room, Jade would glide to the floor and walk into the room and just look at us!

    Eventually, we got a Cockatoo and the cages were side by side. Unfortunately, a few years after that, we were unable to keep the birds. I didn't want to give them to just anyone. A friend of ours' brother and sister-in-law already had 31 birds, so they were thrilled to have two more!! I get updates on Jade and Cedric (the cockatoo) and they're doing wonderfully! They like being in a home with all birds and are still the best of pals. I do miss them though.

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