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January 4, 2000

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Puff and Gracie, the Pets of the Day
Name: Puff, Gracie
Age: Three, Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Albino Cockatiels
Home: Fort Myers, Florida, USA
   This is Puff on the left and Gracie on the right. Puff was three months old and Gracie six months old. They are albino cockatiels. We live in Florida. These are very incredible looking birds - they remain white with no cheek patches. They are very playful and very demanding. They are constantly falling off their perches. They are great pets.

    Puff and Gracie are sisters but from different clutches. Gracie was hatched in May and Puff was hatched in September of this year. Gracie being the oldest is the boss. They are kept inside the majority of the time. But they do get to go in the big cage with their parents and siblings.

    They love being outside in the bigger cage. Gracie never wants to come in so we play the game of catch me. Puff just runs to me - she seems to prefer the floor of the cage and is so people-oriented she screams when some of the other birds come near her. She is a mama's girl for sure.

    They both love to be scratched. Gracie lets you know when and where - Puff will sit with you all day and just let you scratch her all over. She really likes around her ears and under her chin. She makes little nice noises as you do it.


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