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Petey the African Pygmy Hedgehog Petey
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Denver, Colorado, USA
January 01, 2000

Sassy the Paint Horse Sassy
Paint Horse
New Jersey, USA
January 02, 2000

Ariel the Standard Gray Chinchilla Ariel
Standard Gray Chinchilla
Garland, Texas, USA
January 03, 2000

Puff, Gracie the Albino Cockatiels Puff, Gracie
Albino Cockatiels
Fort Myers, Florida, USA
January 04, 2000

Emmali the Teddy Guinea Pig Emmali
Teddy Guinea Pig
January 05, 2000

Tazz the Ferret Tazz
Michigan, USA
January 06, 2000

Kissy the Rat Kissy
Georgia, USA
January 07, 2000

Charley the Raven Charley
Prescott, Arizona, USA
January 08, 2000

Elmo the Goldfish Elmo
Tucson, Arizona, USA
January 09, 2000

Jade the Peach faced Love Bird Jade
Peach faced Love Bird
Massachusetts, USA
January 10, 2000

Godzilla the Iguana Godzilla
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
January 11, 2000

Danny Boy the Quarter Horse Danny Boy
Quarter Horse
Kansas, USA
January 12, 2000

Hong Hong the Syrian Hamster Hong Hong
Syrian Hamster
January 13, 2000

Claud the French Lop Claud
French Lop
Devon, England
January 14, 2000

Rambo the Camargue Horse Rambo
Camargue Horse
January 15, 2000

Lily the Himalayan Fancy Rat Lily
Himalayan Fancy Rat
California, USA
January 16, 2000

Sprout the Parrot Sprout
East Northport, New York, USA
January 17, 2000

Guana the Green Iguana Guana
Green Iguana
Ohio, USA
January 18, 2000

Alex the Eastern Gray Squirrel Alex
Eastern Gray Squirrel
Pennsylvania, USA
January 19, 2000

Comet the White American Comet
White American
Portland, Oregon, USA
January 20, 2000

Echo the Green Cheek Conure Echo
Green Cheek Conure
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
January 21, 2000

Little Bun the Rabbit Little Bun
North Carolina, USA
January 22, 2000

Sunshine the Cockatiel Sunshine
Eudora, Kansas, USA
January 23, 2000

Sugar the Netherlands Dwarf Sugar
Netherlands Dwarf
Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
January 24, 2000

Pickles the Cherry Headed Conure Pickles
Cherry Headed Conure
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
January 29, 2000

Boris the Hooded Rat Boris
Hooded Rat
Brighton, United Kingdom
January 30, 2000

Caleb the Short Haired Guinea Pig Caleb
Short Haired Guinea Pig
California, USA
January 31, 2000

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