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February 26, 2000

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Jessie James, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jessie James
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Franklin, Massachusetts, USA
   Let me tell you about my wife and my favorite buddy, Jessie James. Jessie is about four years old and has a mind of his own. He is also know as "Nudge Bunny." He loves to get into trouble. Jessie is a house rabbit, and he basically runs the house. In the summertime he sprawl's out in front of the central air vent, and in the winter does the same with the heat. When he is ready for attention he will leap up onto you (usually when you don't expect it) and beg to have his face petted. If you leave the room he will follow, and sometimes circle us (a show of affection). We also play tug-of-war with empty paper roll's. When he is in the mood to play, he run's at about 100 miles per hour through the house then will stop, jump straight up in the air and change direction. Jessie's birthday is April fools day. This was the perfect day because at his first Vet visit we found out that our little "Jessica" was actually a baby boy bunny. Hence the change to Jessie. He is quite the little guy, just don't bother him while he is napping, or you'll hear a loud "thump."

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