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February 25, 2000

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Star, the Pet of the Day
Name: Star
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Maryland, USA
   This is my chinchilla Star. She is a white Mosaic chinchilla who I bought from a local pet store. She is almost two years old. She shares the house with two other chinchillas, Powder and Dusty, two rabbits Clover and Comet, and one hedgehog Sunny. I gave my little chinchilla this name because I have a sort of an astronomical theme going on with most of my pets, there's Comet, we used to have a rabbit named Orion, and then we have Star! And if you consider Sunny sort of astronomical then there's another one.

    When I first saw her in the pet store it was love at first sight. I held her and asked my Mom if I could please buy her with my birthday money. The person that was helping us had also sold my friend, who was with me, her chinchilla. We then found out that the chinchilla that I wanted and my friend's chinchilla were brother and sister. And just when she was about to say "Yes," someone that worked at the store told us that she was already sold. I was devastated! When I got back home I couldn't think of anything else but that chinchilla and hoping that she wouldn't be sold after all. My friend came back to my house, and I told her if I ever got that chinchilla that I would name her Star because it would be a miracle if I ended up getting her and she would be my star. We had left our name and number at the pet store in case the people that were buying her decided not to. But no one called. I waited for about 2-4 weeks, then my parents said that if I could find a pet store that had the kind of chinchilla I wanted, I could get it. I was so happy!! So I called pet store after pet store and all they had were gray ones and if they did have a white one like I wanted it was very overpriced. So finally, just for the heck of it, I called the pet store where I first saw Star and they still had her! So I told my parents and they said okay. When we got down there they took out the chinchilla and, just to make sure it was the same one I had wanted, I looked at her ear, which had a bite mark from another chinchilla. It was her! So Star and I live in Maryland and I couldn't be happier.

    By saying all of this to you it just shows that me and star were meant for each other, since she wasn't sold between that time that I first saw her and the time I actually got her. I let her run loose in the bathroom and in my bedroom, and she always just comes and sits in my lap. She really is the sweetest chinchilla!

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