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February 24, 2000

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Opus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Opus
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pacific Parrotlet
Home: Inverness, California, USA
   This is Opus. He is an eight-month-old male Pacific Parrotlet. We live in Inverness, California USA. Opus is very special to me because he keeps me company on my long commute to work every day. He has a cage at home and at work. Here he is sitting with Tour Guide Barbie on his travel cage.

    I named him Opus after the great penguin in the "Bloom County" cartoon because they both have big noses and are cute and irresistible. For some reason, Opus is very delicate and not very strong in the legs. We have to be very careful with him when we carry him around the house. He has gotten quite used to being cradled carefully in our hands. He is going through his first molt and lately his favorite pastime is having those pin feathers preened with a clean watercolor paintbrush. If he doesn't get enough of this, I sometimes find him rubbing his head on things in his cage. He also loves to snuggle under our chin and watch movies with us and loud music gets him to chirp happily. Everyone in the family loves Opus a.k.a. "The Little Guy" a.k.a. "Guido."

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