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February 17, 2000

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Daisy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Daisy
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Walkerton, Ontario, Canada
   My rabbit's name is Daisy. She is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit that I got from my friend for a birthday present in 1998, because my other rabbit that I had before her had died that year. When I got her she was almost a month old. Well, that night I had her in a laundry basket, because the other cage I had for her was too big. When we were all sleeping she jumped out of the basket and started running down the hall and went into my mom and dad's room and ran under my mom's end table. When my mom woke up she heard a biting sound. She figured out that it was Daisy chewing some papers under her end table. So she woke up my dad and they tried to get her out, but the opening was only about an inch tall. So they had to take apart the whole end table and finally got her out. After that we put her in the laundry basket with a towel on top held by clothes pins and put the laundry basket in the bath tub. We did this until she was big enough to go in her new cage.

    She hasn't done anything like that since then. Now she is a well behaved rabbit and I love her very much. She loves to be held and petted, but she loves to run even more. She also loves to play games. She has a favorite blanket. It has daisies and other flowers on it. One of the games I play with her is I hide her blanket and she runs all over the place and tries to find it. I just love the way she looks when I pull it out. She is just so happy.

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