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February 12, 2000

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Glutton, the Pet of the Day
Name: Glutton
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Toad
Home: South Florida, USA
   This unusual pet is a toad, his name is Glutton. As far as his age goes, I don't have a clue, He has grown much faster than the average toad. He is poisonous to dogs or cats that would attempt to bite him. He lives in our back yard, South Florida, USA. When you will look at the several pictures I sent you, it will help you to understand Glutton's personality. Glutton was a wild toad before he became tamed by mistake, only because I have been feeding this homeless cat "Blacky" every morning for almost one year. You know that our weather in south Florida is over 100'F in the middle of the summer, so even toads get very hot, well, Glutton a very wise toad, decided he would use Blacky's water bowl as his personal swimming pool! So every single day, I must push Dearest Glutton out of the way so that I may clean Blacky's water and refresh it since Glutton has now taken for granted that this is his pool!!! Now, Blacky eats some of the food, but soon Glutton takes over and finish the Purina cat chow, and I must feed Blacky a second time. He is still hungry because he doesn't get to eat his entire portion at all.

    Toads like Glutton are supposed to be champions in helping us to get rid of insects, well not for Glutton anymore, look at his belly, does this spoiled toad looks like he works hard for his food? He has become overweight and very lazy, taking the summer off, I guess. What makes him special? It speaks for itself. He is an extremely friendly and has developed a special tie with the homeless cat Blacky, and he makes me smile every day. He never works hard chasing little insects anymore, he's got a friend that shares his meals with him every day, and he relaxes in the pool by his friend's side!

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