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February 8, 2000

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Floyd, the Pet of the Day
Name: Floyd
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Vietnamese Potbellied Pig
Home: Inglis, Florida, USA
   Floyd is a three-year-old Vietnamese Potbellied Pig. He weighs about 220 pounds, and lives in Inglis, Florida on the Withlacoochee River. He is not fenced or penned, and sleeps in the house at night. He is a very spoiled piggy!

    Floyd is a sweetheart. He is very inquisitive, and will come when called... He will also sit on command and jump up on his hind feet to get a treat. (His favorite is pretzels) He has a big vocabulary of sounds, and they all mean something different. He moos like a cow when he is real hungry, and cries like a baby when he wants to go out in the morning. Of course his regular conversation is a consistent chorus of little "Oinks" and the faster he walks the faster he Oinks.

    Being he is a Potbellied Pig, his tail is straight, unlike a farm pig's curly tail, and his big belly hangs almost to the ground. He also has a very long coat of bristles, and extra long bristles on his back, which he can stand up on end, if he gets angry. (We call this his "Mohawk.") In the spring he will lose all of his bristles and become completely bald, until he grows a new coat. Pigs are very intelligent and live to be about fifteen years old. The second picture is Floyd with his kitty Simba.

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